Simplifying rare disease management

At Audaire Health, our mission is to improve patient care and support optimal management of high-cost drug therapies.

Gene & Cell Therapy Management Service

60+ gene and cell therapies are estimated to be approved in the next eight years with a healthcare system cost as high as $100B! The therapies themselves will be very expensive and administering outcomes-based agreements will be costly and time-consuming.

With each new therapy approved, payers will have another unique set of outcomes to capture and contract requirements to meet. This complexity will cause the administrative burden to continue to climb.

Audaire Health’s new Gene & Cell Therapy Management service is built to ensure payers get the maximum value from these novel therapies, in the simplest way possible.

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Hemophilia & HAE Management Service

Up to 25% of healthcare spend is attributed to waste. With rare diseases like hemophilia and HAE, that number represents a $1.5 billion opportunity for healthcare payers in the US.

This opportunity can be realized through proper prescribing of orphan drug products using evidence-based guidelines and monitoring pharmacies for optimal dispensing patterns.

Audaire Health’s Hemophilia & HAE Management service provides payers with full transparency on physician, pharmacy and patient performance providing an immediate ROI.

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