Hemophilia Management Service


Out of the $3.5 trillion spent on healthcare, it is estimated that 25% is attributed to waste. With rare diseases like hemophilia, that number adds up quickly - representing up to ​a $1.5 billion opportunity for healthcare payers in the US​.

Patient doses ​EXCEED​ label indication



Audaire Health’s HIPAA compliant web platform provides the payer with 100% transparency on physician, pharmacy and patient performance.

The platform provides payers with unprecedented visibility into the hemophilia benefit. By combining physician and pharmacy performance data with patient utilization data, you can pinpoint areas for improvement to easily contain costs.

Payers can ​contain costs​ through validation of:

Real-life Audaire Health Example

60 KG patient on Kovaltry, 3000 IU QOD:

Audaire Health has found that 50% of hemophilia factor patients have dosing and dispensing anomalies. This equates to an extra cost of $43,600 per patient.

What could your savings be?

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