Gene & Cell Therapy Management Service


With an estimated 60+ gene & cell therapies to be approved in the next eight years, the cost to the healthcare system could be as high as $100 billion. These new therapies will challenge existing business models and drive uptake of outcomes-based agreements.

Gene therapies are projected to be very expensive

Administering outcomes-based agreements will be costly and time-consuming

With each new therapy approved, payers will have another unique set of outcomes to capture and contract requirements to meet. This complexity will cause the administrative burden to continue to climb.


Audaire Health’s new Gene & Cell Therapy Management Service is the first of its kind, leveraging our provider friendly web-application to capture all necessary data to efficiently adjudicate outcomes-based agreements - ensuring our payer partners get the maximum value from these novel durable therapies.

This white-glove service will:

Hemophilia A Gene Therapy example:

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